You can prevent many HVAC system breakdowns with a regular and thorough maintenance program. Although maintenance alone can’t prevent every problem, it prevents many common problems that can lead to outages lasting hours – or even days!

Nobody wants to work in a hot, sticky office, and factories and warehouses with broken HVAC systems can lead to equipment malfunctions in addition to health-related issues among staff. With an “ounce of prevention” you can save a “pound of cure” with your HVAC system by preventing breakdowns.

Why Utilize an HVAC Maintenance Program to Prevent Breakdowns?

Poorly maintained equipment can lead to many problems:

  1. Costly breakdowns
  2. Greater wear and tear on the system
  3. Higher energy costs

Preventing Breakdowns

Most automobile owners know that routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes prevent costly breakdowns. If you don’t schedule routine oil changes for your car, particle buildup can affect how the engine functions. Over time, this leads to poor performance and expensive breakdowns.

Your HVAC system is the same way. If you don’t change the filters according to the suggested schedule, for example, the filters become clogged with particles and debris. This causes the motor to work harder to draw air into the system. Over time, this can cause excessive wear and tear on the system itself.

Other parts of the system should be checked and replaced before they are so worn they cause problems. An experienced HVAC technician can assess the state of the system and suggest preventative steps to avoid system malfunctions and breakdowns.

Greater Wear and Tear on the System

We mentioned the perils of not changing filters regularly, but there are more items inside your HVAC system that require maintenance. Without regular maintenance, the system can suffer from excessive wear and tear, not to mention reduced air quality.

Higher Energy Costs

Systems that aren’t maintained properly must work harder to regulate indoor air temperature and humidity. The result is higher energy use, which in turn leads to higher energy bills. With a regular maintenance program, you may be able to reduce your energy use and save on your energy expenses.

Benefits of an Abel HVAC Maintenance Agreement

With an Abel Heating and Cooling HVAC Maintenance Agreement, you can enjoy peace of mind by having Abel’s experts inspect your HVAC equipment on a scheduled basis two to four times a year.
The Abel HVAC Maintenance Agreement includes:

  1. Priority service
  2. Thorough onsite evaluations
  3. Two to four seasonal inspections annually
  4. Courteous, expert technicians
  5. Preferred pricing, and more

Let us help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently and last longer, all for low seasonal payments.

To receive either the Residential or Commercial ABEL Performance Program (APP), and for answers to your questions, please call 952-472-COOL (2665) or Contact Us

*Benefits apply ONLY to equipment on the ABEL Performance Program – pricing varies on type of equipment.