pollen allergies

After a long winter, we welcome spring as the days get longer, the sun is stronger, and the trees begin budding out. But for those who suffer from pollen allergies, spending time outdoors – especially on windy days when pollen spores are being blown about – is less than pleasant. If you or your family members are allergic to pollen, follow the list below to protect your indoor air quality.

As summer approaches, it’s a good idea to run through this air conditioning checklist for summer. Your cooling system needs regular maintenance to keep up with the summer heat, and this handy checklist can save you energy dollars and prevent an air conditioning breakdown.

MN Dept of Health Weekly Pollen count from 2020

Trees start producing pollen as early as mid March in Minnesota, lasting through early June, overlapping with grass pollens. Weed pollens finish out the summer into the first hard frost of the season.

Chart from the Minnesota Dept of Health

At Abel Heating and Cooling, we encourage you to:

  • Follow the six steps below to ensure your A/C system stays in top performance.
  • Schedule an appointment with an Abel technician to perform a tune-up and maintenance call.

Spring Air Conditioning Checklist

  1. Not quite warm enough to run your air conditioning system? Don’t wait. Test it now. Turn your thermostat to cooling and lower the setting to get your A/C to turn on. Look for issues such as lack of cool air coming from vents, frequent cycling or strange sounds.
  2. Clean filters can make a huge difference in your air conditioner’s performance. A clogged filter can block the flow of clean, cool air. This will rapidly run up energy costs and even damage your air conditioner beyond repair. We recommend you replace your filter monthly, or at a minimum follow your equipment manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Examine the duct registers and the return air grills to see that they are not blocked or closed. Keep items away from them, or this will inhibit good air flow. Adjust vent louvers, and if you find some areas of your home are unused, rather than closing too many vents, consider having Abel set up a zoning system for you.
  4. Do you have a programmable thermostat? Set it for the cooling season. Following manufacturer’s instructions, or asking our technician, will help you keep your home at an ideal comfort level, and save energy dollars.
  5. Take a look at your outside equipment. Is it covered with weeds, dirt, debris? Use a brush to clean it off and trim away unwanted growth around it. Never block the unit with furniture, storage items, etc.
  6. Inspect the cooling system’s drip pans and condensate drain lines for clogs. If you find a build-up of debris, algae or mold, use a wet/dry vac to soak up the contents with a towel. Then clean with a mild detergent. A clogged, dirty pan or drain line can cause your cooling system to malfunction.

Summer Through Fall

Repeat steps 2, 3, 5 and 6. If you detect any changes in cooling, cycling or air-flow, call us for a system check-up. If you hear strange sounds, or detect odors, turn the system off and call us right away.

Think you May Need a New Air Conditioning System?

Do you recall how your system was performing last season? Was it putting out less cool air? Did it make unusual noises? It may be time to think of a replacement.

We’ll be glad to come take a look and evaluate your options. If your system is dated, replacing it may quickly pay for itself in future energy dollars and rebates.

Have more questions? Need to make an appointment? We’re ready to help you enjoy a comfortable and cool summer. Call or contact us now.