Boiler service is an important part of routine maintenance on a pressurized steam system. Pressurized systems need different skills to diagnose and fix. They require technicians with experience to service them, especially when they’re acting up.

Abel Heating and Cooling has over 70 years of boiler repair experience. At Abel, we work with both residential and commercial boiler systems, restoring heat and installing new high efficiency boilers.

When Should You Call for Boiler Service?

The best time to call for boiler service is before you need it – that is, to make sure your system has regular, scheduled maintenance check-ups and routine service performed at regular intervals.

Emergency Boiler Repairs

If you suddenly find yourself with no heat or you are hearing strange sounds from your boiler system, here are some things to consider.

Check the Circulator Pump and Motor

First, be sure the circulator pump is running. Is the motor hot? If not, see if the breaker switch is on. If the motor feels VERY hot, you may have a problem with the run capacitor. The motor or the pump itself could be locked up. Otherwise, if it is cool to the touch, and the breaker is on, the problem may be the thermostat or the circulator relay.

Check the Temperature/Pressure Gauge

Next, check the temperature/pressure gauge on the boiler. Most of these will have a red line and the temperature/pressure reading will be above zero and less than the red line value.

You may find that the temperature and pressure are abnormally low, check to find out if the vent damper is open and/or the inducer fan is running. No? Then you can try shutting off the breaker to the unit, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. If this doesn’t work, you could have a problem with the boiler control or the aquastat.

When to Call a Professional for Boiler Service

If you’ve performed the checks above and found nothing wrong, yet your boiler is still gurgling, banging, or not producing heat, it’s time to call the professionals at Abel Heating and Cooling. With over 70 years of experience servicing boilers and many types of heating and cooling systems, we have the knowledge, skills, and training needed to identify boiler problems and repair or replace boilers as needed. Please call us at 952-472-COOL (2665) for a boiler service call.