Heating System Maintenance

It’s Murphy’s Law – Your heating unit will fail:

  • During the lowest chill factor and coldest day of the year
  • During the holidays
  • When you or a family member are sick with the flu, or…

You don’t have to dress like an Eskimo in your own home! When it comes to a major integral component of your home, like your furnace, there are hundreds of reasons why an inspection and tune-up of your furnace is necessary on a yearly basis, but here are five:

  1. To ensure the highest possible energy efficiency and reliability.
  2. To see that the thermostat setting you want is the thermostat setting you’re getting.
  3. To maintain safe, efficient and environmentally friendly use of fuels.
  4. To see that your system has adequate air flow.
  5. To Save You Money.

What are the top no-heat service calls?

  • Clogged or dirty air filter
  • A dirty flame sensor
  • Furniture is backed up against a return vent
  • High limit safety shut-downs
  • Blower motor failure caused by stress due to lack of maintenance
  • Over RPMing due to no load of air
  • Water or condensate leaking on critical circuit boards
  • Rodents (birds, raccoons, chipmunks, snakes, mice, insects) chewing, urinating or nest building, etc..

This covers your furnace, but what about your water heater? Our technician monitors for back-drafting to avoid low-level carbon monoxide caused by orphaned water heaters. This is a serious threat to the learning ability of children and short-term memory losses in adults.

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Great service! Responded promptly on a VERY cold day. Identified the source of the problem, made necessary repair, AND explained what had happened. Will keep their contact information close and am happy to recommend them!"
– David Rubenstein

Out of 4 HVAC companies that we dealt with during the -30 degree cold snap and our furnace breaking down, Abel far exceeded them all! All of their staff are friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable. They were upfront about pricing, arrived quickly, and were very pleasant to work with! We definitely recommend their services and will use them again!!
– Christine Bluhm

We called Abel Heating and Cooling on short notice to come out and fix a couple of issues that we had with our building. They we're able to make it out fast, were efficient and friendly the whole way through".
– Dart Experience

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