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Designing church HVAC systems for efficient, comfortable heating and cooling is one of our specialties. Soaring ceilings, acoustic requirements, and other considerations make installing church HVAC systems a complex task. ABEL Heating and Cooling has extensive experience retrofitting, installing, maintaining and repairing church HVAC systems that offer quiet, efficient heating and cooling.

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Church air conditioning must be efficient yet as quiet as possible to encourage a peaceful, prayerful atmosphere. Yet each church building’s architecture is unique, which means that there’s no simple, cookie cutter solution to church air conditioning considerations. That’s when finding a company with experience counts.

ABEL Heating and Cooling has over 70 years of experience. We have worked with dozens of local churches to install cost-effective, efficient church air conditioning or fix existing systems. Our technicians are problem solvers, able to think holistically about a challenging situation to come up with solutions. We’d be delighted to speak with you regarding your church air conditioning needs.


In addition to church air conditioning, we perform all types of church HVAC work, including indoor air quality assessments. We are familiar with the environmental conditions inside churches and how these conditions change from a packed Easter Sunday service to a quiet summertime prayer meeting. Our systems are designed with the unique needs of churches and other worship spaces in mind.

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ABEL Heating and Cooling offers honest, friendly and dependable service. We’ve worked with many churches in your area and are happy to provide you with references before we meet with you.

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ABEL Heating and Cooling’s staff is highly technical, professional, customer oriented and efficient/productive. The job site has always been left in a clean condition. ABEL Heating and Cooling continues to be our selected contractor for heating, air condition, and ventilation needs.”
~ Bill H. – Custodian/Maintenance – Grace Lutheran Church

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